TSA9600 Automatic Swing Gate

The TSA9600 Automatic Swing Gates comply with BS/EN 12453 (the current legislation ALL automated gates must comply with). We fit as standard a number of safety devices, including dual height photo cells and Category 3 safety edges. As standard, they are designed to be cast in to the ground when installed but also can be ordered to be bolt down if required. The very neat precise housing design accommodates the control panel within the column. This gives a smooth finished appearance unlike other automated systems which often have an additional obtrusive housing. The gates are controlled by a purpose made controller, single phase supply, via an inverter controlled output to a 3 phase motor. This can be configured very easily for all the standard program modes including no passage time outs & free exit and entry loops to name a few. The best feature of our gates is that they are fully assembled ready to bolt down and as soon as they are commissioned they are fully compliant to all standards. This minimises disruption on site and leaves a beautifully finished product which will serve for many years.

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